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New LiDAR Technology Unmasks 60,000 Undiscovered Mayan Ruins in Peten Region

You may know the Ancient Maya people for their hieroglyphic script and as those who sacrificed their peoples for the gods, but you may not know how massive their civilization actually was. No one knew. Until now, researchers have found more than 60,000 hidden Maya ruins, including houses, highways, palaces, and other human-made features, in a major […]


Guatemala: Tikal, Ancient Mayan Ruins

After visiting Guatemala numerous times, I was finally able to experience the Tikal ruins in Petén. Because we flew into the capital, our ride time to Tikal was a little over 12 hours (530 km). And the entire way there was driving through a tropical rainforest. Green, lush forests with trees towering high to cover the road, birds in varying colors […]