What I’m listening to: March 2017

You’ll come to notice that my music taste is all over the place. From Indian sitar to dub techno, it is like life, unpredictable.

Let’s jump right in! I’ve compiled a brief list of songs that I simply cannot enjoy enough.

I listen to these songs during my work commute, during the day, and during my workout sessions.

Anoushka Shankar – Boat to Nowhere: A story unfolding in your ears. Suspense, despair, love and resolution are definitive feelings that I’ve experienced while listening to this song.

Heights Of Abraham – Boogie Heights: First of all, this track is from 1995 (wow, I know)! Sensual, rhythmic, and timeless. The song features a fast(er) dub-jazz beat with the occasional saxophone and electronica sound.

Benjamin Fröhlich – Ghost Orchid (Cleveland Remix): A fresh release. This remix by Cleveland has all the stops. Piano, dub-house, and layers of great sounds (not sure what they are exactly). A lovely track for a breezy, walk in early Spring.

Jonathan Kusuma – Kepler 22b (5alad Remix): Starts off slow, and slowly progresses to bring you that rolling techno beat. Transporting you out of this planet with a little bit of acid at the end.

Anoushka Shankar – Jump In (featuring M.I.A.): I’ve followed M.I.A. ever since her first hit single Paper Planes, and she never disappoints. This song features Anoushaka’s sitar paired with electronic beats and rap verses by M.I.A.

Vincent Floyd – Euphoric Recall: This guy is an angel sent from house music gods. Besides the fact that he’s been around since the late 80’s and is an integral part of the Chicago House music scene, his releases are always beautifully crafted and consistently produced. This release features warm and jazzy vibes with that old-school Chicago house sound I absolutely love.

Sister Nancy – BAM BAM: Anytime I hear this song it instantly makes me feel like a Girl Boss. A classic and the catchy “Bam, Bam” chorus makes for an uplifting sensation.

Seb Wildblood – Plants ft. Paul Cut: A London based producer and DJ, Seb is someone I believe will catapult to the top of DJ charts given his beautiful housey, jazzy, and dubby sound. Something that makes you want to ride your bike on a lovely, sunny day.

Key Tronics Ensemble – Calypso of House (Paradise Version): Another oldie from the 90’s, but a goodie. This song is very much italo-house with an upbeat tempo, the piano, and the sound of someone’s voice saying, “RRRRRRRAAAAAA”.

6th Borough Project – 7 GRams of Funk: BRING ON THE FUNK! I recently discovered the 6th Borough Project from a recent mix and this fun tune was in it. The funk, jazz, and vocals make me feel brand new. I love it!

Quantic – The 5th Exotic: A melodic and soothing tune, this track incorporates the guitar and fun electronica beats you can dance to.

Secret Squirrels #14 – Side A: This song reminds me of all the people I hold dear. The sample, “As long as I got you” by Love Committee brings everything together for a pounding and groovy feel.

I hope you enjoyed this month’s round-up. With a new job and all, I will make my hardest attempt to keep up.

Yours in spirit, Lyds.

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