Laura Kam was born and raised in eclectic Amsterdam. She has been a medical student, specializes in psycho-biology, and graduated from the University of Amsterdam with her Bachelors of Science. Her DJing career as KAMMA was a direct result from her passion and drive for quality music of all genres. Because of her academic expertise and the guidance from her DJ parents, Dr. Tiong and DJ Sylvia who were pioneer DJs in Amsterdam during the 80’s, she understands that a wide range of sounds, from disco to techno, jazz to house provide a mentally stimulating time.

Along with DJing, KAMMA is a part of a collective that is responsible for the rising Amsterdam party series, “Brighter Days”. A festive bi-monthly get together drawing one of the city’s best crowds. It was at these parties that she has shared the decks with Osunlade, Mike Dunn, Ge-ology, K-Alexi and Jamie 3:26.

Music Style

Driven by her love of dreamy vibes, cosmic elements and complex rhythms, her sound is defined by an effortless contrast of sounds, energy and emotions. In this mix for Dimensions festival,  she embraces her signature sound incorporating jazz, house, techno, and disco.

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