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Kasja Haidl & Kasja Lindstrøm, pronounced “Kye-suh”,  are a DJ duo and media collective based in Stockholm, Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark. They began exchanging music and playing together after getting to know each other in 2008. Since then they have hosted recurring club nights in both locations featuring guests like Genius of Time, Axel Boman, Jacques Renault, and Harald Björk. They aspire to eventually launch their own record label with an art gallery to complement it. (I hope they can get that up and running, because their music selection is top!)

Music Style

Through their mutual love for the infinite search, H&L go through enormous amounts of mix tapes, blogs and demo cassettes to find only the very best house, disco, and techno. The more drum-based, luscious and spaced out, the better. They have a taste for old, classic loves and new, enthusiastic crushes.

This mix has their signature sound and is something they did for their second appearance at Into the Valley Festival in collaboration with Discobelle, with tracks by Julien Jabre, J Kriv & The Disco Machine, and Will Powers. Here’s what the two said when asked about the mix, “These 12 songs are slightly better than all of the rest of the songs that exist in the world. We wanted to honor the songs and show them our gratitude and thankfulness so we made a 24 h long holy ritual and out came this mix. We hope that it will set you free and make you flow”.

Oh! It made me flow, alright. If you’re looking for some great house music with a dash of weird (in a good way), this mix will take you there.

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