Ida Launches “Help Me To Help” Campaign To Aid Syrian Families

Ida Engberg launches another campaign to aid Syrian families.

Over the past year, Ida Engberg-Beyer has demonstrated her dedication to help Syrian refugees in war stricken areas. So much so that I categorized her as one of the 10 most charitable DJs in dance music.

Most recently she launched another campaign “Help Me To Help” where she hopes to continue to aid Syrian families being victimized by war, particularly in city of Aleppo. The campaign is setup to raise 50,000 Kr, approximately $5,576.

Her comment on the page, “No one can do everything but we can all do something. The war in Syria has been going on for 5 years. The families who are the victims of this unimaginable pain and fear need us to not look the other way. Pictures of children in the completely destroyed Aleppo breaks my heart. Give the world some love, something is so much better than nothing.”

In September 2015, she partnered with Antwerp promoter IKON and created Techno For Humanity; An all day music event where DJs from around the world united to play for charity. Funds from ticket sales and DJ fees were donated to four different charities that together provide emergency health services, clean drinking water, prevent migrant deaths at sea, and improve living conditions by setting up camps.

Every little bit helps. You can help and donate here.

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