Review: I Tried a Jade Roller for 30 Days

Self-care fads are always a hit or miss, like charcoal everything or the “fitness teas”, so when I started hearing about jade rolling your face, I shrugged it off as another unnecessary, and expensive, skincare trend.

That all changed in early December ’18 when I got a HydraFacial and the esthetician raved about jade rolling. I couldn’t help myself and joked that she was lying and trying to sell me more products, but she swore it worked. Plus she did have nice skin…

She explained using facial oils with the jade roller worked best and encouraged me to try it out, especially since I already used a facial oil after each shower.

Fine. Why not? Being the Maxxinista I am, I headed to my local TJ Maxx’s skincare section and found a jade roller for $10. I thought okay that didn’t totally hurt.

Jade Rollin’

My combo skin makes my nose oily while it’s dry around my smile lines and t-zone, meaning I’m always shiny in my nose area and extra dry around my forehead, lips, and chin. My two holy grails I used every day were the Biossance Squaline + Vitamin C Rose Oil ($52) and the Fresh Vitamin Nectar Antioxidant Glow Water ($44).

I started in my problem areas by:

  • Dropping oil on my face and massaging it in with the jade roller
  • Pushing the oil with the jade roller into my skin’s dry areas for a good five minutes
  • Massaging the roller in up and down, side to side motions
  • I did this immediately after showering for 30 days
  • That’s it!
Day 30 of using the jade roller

The Results

Tiny improvements were satisfying to see.

  • My smile and t-zone lines were less visible
  • Face retained moisture (and it’s winter!)
  • Increased blood circulation making my face look flushed and fresh
  • HOT TIP: store your roller somewhere cool (fridge or I keep mine by my window) for an added sensation
  • Built in 5-minute facial massage to my routine

Do I recommend? Yes. Was it life-changing? I don’t know, yet. 

Now I know it isn’t hype, because if I saw improvements in 30 days, what will I see in 90, 120, or 365 days? I’ll find out because I plan to continue using my jade roller through the year.

And as I was doing research for you (and this blog), I learned about additional benefits!

More Benefits

Jade Rollin’ is Centuries Old

According to this Vogue review, jade rolling is an ancient and integral part of Chinese beauty regimes since the 7th century! Something that has been around for millennia can only be tried and true.

Helps with Puffy Morning Face

Jade rolling can help with draining the Lymphatic fluid that collects around your eyes and cheeks. Lymphatic fluid is waste that is flowing out of your lymph nodes and needs to be returned back to the cardiovascular system. For years, massaging around the eyes has been a common treatment for chronic sinus and immune issues.

Faster Product Absorption

Do you hate using facials oils because your skin doesn’t absorb them?
Whether you don’t want a shiny face or want to fall asleep immediately after applying your oils, the jade roller can help! As you’re massaging your oil into your face it will distribute the product better than if you had done it with your fingers. Really getting in there is important as your skin soaks it all up for you.

Reduces Under Eye Darkness

I don’t know about y’all but work/life has been very demanding lately to the point where I am not getting enough sleep and overusing my facial muscles. This is where I love the tingly sensation of the jade roller after storing it somewhere cool. The tingle helps minimize my dark circles by making the underlying blood vessels smaller.

Massages Face

Think about all the facial expressions we make throughout the day, whether you like it or not it’s taxing on our skin. Using this little tool you can help alleviate pressure and relieve tension from all the straining.

Try it for yourself!

It’s easy peasy to get started and if you have any additional questions, I want to hear them! 🙂 Thanks for reading.

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