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DownBeats Review


If you’re a regular festival attendee, clubber, or just love your music extremely loud (not recommended) I highly advise Downbeats high fidelity sound filters for your hearing safety. Ever since I bought my first pair two years ago, Downbeats has saved me from hearing loss. They filter out all the background noise and excessive sound. Resulting in an enhanced listening experience and no ear ringing after a show, the most important feature about DownBeats.

You’ve definitely walked out of a concert hall, club, or festival and noticed ringing in your ear, otherwise known as Tinnitus. It can cause permanent damage to your cochlea, which is located in the inner most part of your ear. Given that I love listening to music and enjoy it daily, anything that helps keep from hearing loss is valuable to me, especially when it works.

Get your own today and try them next time you’re out.

I know you won’t be disappointed.

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