Women’s March on Chicago 2017

I knew the Women’s March on Chicago would be a great one with the sun shining and the first sip of mimosa to freshen my mouth.

After all, it was a day to celebrate wo(men), people of color, LGBTQ, and immigrants.

It was a day to demonstrate that a divisive government would not impair our ability to unite and fight for our basic human rights.

It was a day the Women’s March on Chicago organizers expected 50,000-70,000 people but were overwhelmed with the 150,000 bodies that actually showed up.

As we’re all making our way down to E. Jackson Ave, everyone had the same question in their head. “When does the march begin? It’s 30 minutes past go time.”

When suddenly, different event organizers in yellow began shouting, “Congratulations, Chicago! We are now more than 100,000 people! Due to this, there will not be a march, but this is now a rally!”

Although many of us were bummed that we couldn’t walk around the loop, we all clapped and cheered about the report on how many of us were actually present.

I had the fun opportunity to capture some moments during this time. Enjoy!

Update: Multiple news sources confirm the Chicago rally as the second largest to Washington D.C. with more than 250k attendees.

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