Weekly Mix: Tijana Todorovic from Belgrade [Tracklist]

Tijana-Todorovic Belgrade


Tijana T(odorovic) began as a music journalist in Serbia, which sort of fell on her lap while looking for a job. She thought, “It’s a job, I know about music and I’m well educated, I can do it!” She was able to stream many obscure records. And was ultimately dismissed for playing the video of Add N To X’s “Plug Me In,” which has naked girls playing with dildos. Tijana was in the media industry for 10 years until Serbia’s journalistic landscape changed and she could no longer show what she wanted.

Many several instances after that, including impromptu singing for Abe Duque, singing for Robert Johnson Groove’s birthday party, and learning how to mix in front of full clubs (luckily her music selection made up for it), she decided to pursue what truly made her happy, DJing.

Music Style

A woman of many talents, Tijana T joins Resident Advisor for a special techno podcast that speaks for itself. Her music taste is broad and her style behind the decks is flexible, but on this podcast she gives a dose of the sound so essential to her and her scene: warehouse techno. Featuring songs from Addison Groove, Kim Ann Foxman, and Tobias. It will surely get your head banging and if you’re like me, listening at your desk, it will be tough to sit still.

Thanks for the heavy techno Tijana, we’re loving it!

1. Rex Ilusivii – Moon Cage Annex 2 – Offen Music
2. Abe Duque & Tijana T – Ghost Dance – ADR
3. Aleksi Perälä – UK74R1512120 – AP Musik
4. G-Man aka Gez Varley – Columbia – GMR Records
5. The 23s – Any Second (Christian S Remix) – Karaoke Kalk
6. Scotti Deep Is Fathoms N.Y. – Brooklyn Beats – Henry Street Music
7. Bloody Mary – From The Vaults – Dame-Music
8. Eduardo De La Calle – TR3B Conspiracy – Plane Rhythm Records
9. Kowton – Loops 1 – Livity Sound
10. Mr G – Bounce – Phoenix G
11. Addison Groove – Allaby – 50Weapons
12. Sawf – Rota – Code Is Law
13. Robert Armani – M_____F – Dance Mania
14. Fairmont – Gazebo – Border Community
15. Heller & Farley Project feat. Cevin Fisher – We Built This House (Alternative Version) – House Masters
16. S:VT – Subterranean Realm (Henning Bear Remix) – Work Them Records
17. Shades Of Sound – Drunk Horn – Nervous Records
18. Kike Pravda – Oscillation – Bitzkrieg Waves
19. Vakula – Modulation 04 – Arma 17
20. Floorplan – Basic Principle – M-Plant
21. tobias. – I Can’t Fight The Feeling – Wagon Repair
21. Gigy Galaxy – Cosmic Forces As They Were Thought In Mu – Teknotika Records
23. Kim Ann Foxman – Magic Window – unreleased
24. Pearson Sound – Freeze Cycle – Pearson Sound
25. Man Train – Meteor – Design Music
26. Sandee – Notice Me (Notice The House Mix) – Fever Records
27. Alien Rain – Alienated 4C – Alien Rain

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